Bare Compounding Pharmacy provides the highest quality medications customized to fit each unique patient that walks in our door. We believe in providing only the best for our patients and take stringent practices to make sure each compounded medication meets the highest industry standards. Our prime goal is to help our patients reach their best health yet. Bare Compounding Pharmacy is a leader for not only utilizing, but also developing standardized policies and procedures. We believe in standardized processes because it improves our services and your medication. We have routine checks and evaluations for every process using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, or FMEA. Originally designed for military processes, the healthcare industry has adopted this practice because of its ability to check the causes and effects of failures of every practice in an efficient and documented way. We take pride in each of our carefully designed custom prescriptions, referring to them as "Bare Compounded Products!"  

What Sets Bare Compounding Pharmacy Apart? 

  • Industry leader in custom compounding
  • Standardized QA process
  • Dedicated compounding-only facility and staff
  • Computerized compounding system
  • Specialized continuing education
  • Professional program involvement
  • Uses FDA-approved chemical suppliers
  • LifeLike28 licensed compounding pharmacy
  • Holds proper licenses and is in good standing with all licensing bodies
  • Personalized professional support that is unmatched in the industry
  • Analytical testing
  • Quality control
  • Data analysis
  • Patented program development
  • Culture for patient safety
  • Center of excellence, innovation, and advancement



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