State of the Art Technology

Learn about the technology used to make your prescriptions at Bare Compounding Pharmacy. Our pharmacists lead the compounding field in technological development for patients. 


TICKER®  is the Syringe That Clicks! TICKER is designed by compounding pharmacists to be easy-to-use for patients to apply large and micro-doses of compounded creams or gels. TICKER is the only applicator that can dispense any dose because each CLICK delivers 0.05mL, empowering patients the ability to dial their dose to optimal health! TICKER's unique dosing mechanism also makes it the most accurate applicator on the market, so patients receive the exact dose of medication as prescribed by their doctor.


TICKER® Unlimited—features a wider and elevated central port than TICKER Classic. Ticker Unlimited uses the same exact clicking mechanism as the rest of the TICKER family in order to ease patient dosing. 


Gentle Dose® —is the world's first petite vaginal applicator. Gentle Dose is accurate, gentle, and easy-to-use. As an applicator with a wide spectrum of applications, Gentle Dose was developed with women in mind. It can be used for single-use and multiple-use custom prescriptions.


Pebble Beach—Compounding Molds improve our compounding productivity, allowing Folsom Medical Pharmacy to offer lower prices for troches or suppositories. These molds can be used for a variety of compounded preparations, including hormone therapy, erectile dysfunction treatment, or other medication that requires oral or vaginal absorption for faster onset of action. Each troche or suppository is 0.5 mL, and designed in a shape for ultimate patient comfort.


The Centrimix 8S model is a planetary speed mixing system to mix your preparation up to 2000 RPM. CENTRIMIX simultaneously rotates and revolves your medication to result in unprecedented homogeneous mixtures for improved patient results. Furthermore, by utilizing a digital mixer, Folsom Medical Pharmacy is able to reduce human error to increase pharmacy staff and patient safety.


CAPPUCINE—marks the start of a new era in compounding where volume-digitalization coupled with automation supersedes how stock formulations have been traditionally transferred from large EMP-Unguator® jars into smaller dispensing devices that patients take home.  Ticker applicators, pumps, jars, and syringes can now be filled with just the push of a button.  The transfer is fast, exact, and simple. 



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