Welcome To Bare Compounding Pharmacy

Welcome to Bare Compounding Pharmacy, your trusted source for personalized medications, high-quality supplements, and vitamins. Our expert team, with decades of compounding experience, provides top-quality custom medications to enhance your health. As industry leaders, we've developed proprietary formulations, US patents, and health programs tailored to our patients' needs.

We specialize in prescription compounding for bioidentical hormones, medical-grade skincare, bio-cosmetics, veterinary care, and proper herbal and dietary supplementation.

Compounding Specialists

Since 2007, Dr. Perez has collaborated with healthcare providers to compound prescriptions like bioidentical hormones, thyroid compounds, low-dose naltrexone, sildenafil, tadalafil, and more. We offer allergen-free compounded medications and a range of organic skincare products. Our third-party tested, GMP-certified supplements are recommended by our pharmacists to complement your prescriptions and prevent nutrient depletion.

Join The Auto Refill Program

Enrollment in the Auto Refill Program will allow the automatic refills of your prescription(s) at Folsom Medical Pharmacy. We will fill your prescribed medications without needing confirmation from you prior to each refill. Your prescription will be refilled on a monthly basis, or when it becomes due according to the most recent prescription available to us.

What Is Compounding?

Bare Compounding Pharmacy offers both custom-compounded and conventional medications, working closely with patients and doctors to find the best treatment regimen. But what IS compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of creating patient-specific drugs not commercially available. Our goal is to meet patient needs by offering various administration routes, improving taste, and enhancing compliance.

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