What is Lifelike28™?

Lifelike28™ is a revolutionary bioidentical hormone therapy program designed to help women alleviate menopausal symptoms and reach their most optimal health! With age comes the loss of hormones, and the imbalances may set the stage for unfavorable medical conditions such as osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass, low libido, and cardiovascular disease.

Lifelike28™ can help your body replenish and simulate vital hormones to reach your healthiest state yet. LifeLike28™ replenishes and mimics your hormone levels just as seen in nature! The hallmark of the Lifelike28™ physician-guided program is that it not only uses bio-identical hormones, but it also facilitates a rhythmic dosing cycle designed to replicate your body's natural peaks and falls of hormone levels. In a healthy individual, hormone levels are always in flux. Therefore, a constant-static dosage seems rather questionable for our changing bodies. Lifelike28™ is centered right at the heart of the latest in research and is the reason why it has been so effective in improving the health of women today.

Unique to Lifelike28™ is the use of rhythmic, variable, and static dosing of hormones through the use of a dosing schedule and the HRTicker® dispenser. With the HRTicker®, you can self-administer the exact dosage on any given day in a way that it mimics your own body's physiology. Additionally, Lifelike28™ uses plant-derived, bioidentical hormones formulated with the highest quality FDA approved ingredients. The ingredients and formulations are standardized and prepared by select leading compounding pharmacies.


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