Biest Cream

BIEST Transdermal Cream: 

Compounded bio-identical Estradiol (E32) combined with bioidentical Estriol (often dispensed as a 80/20 ratio) is popularly known as BIEST amongst compounding pharmacists, physicians, and patients. Biest cream may be prescribed to treat low estrogen levels in women.



The most recognizable symptom of estrogen deficiency is probably hot flashes, night sweats, or mood swings. However, estrogen deficiency can also bring dry skin (including vaginal dryness), shortness of breath, and headaches. Mood can be further affected by anxiety, depression, memory loss, and a myriad of sex dysfunctions, including vaginal shrinkage, painful intercourse, difficulty achieving orgasms and, unsurprisingly, low sex drive.




Estrogen is typically prescribed for transdermal or sublingual routes of administration, due to high metabolization of estrogen when taken orally. Strengths vary as low as 0.25 mg/mL, to 8 mg/mL. Every body is different, and we believe your prescription should fit your needs. As a compounding pharmacy, we’ll make your prescription specially for you; whatever strength, base cream, or quantity you need, we’ll make.


BIEST transdermal cream is now dispensed with TICKER® Transdermal Dispenser. This easy-to-use and easy-to-dose transdermal dispenser simplifies dosing while empowering patients with the most accurate, “touch free” dispenser for applying the cream directly onto the intended skin site, as prescribed.

Ask your doctor if BIEST transdermal cream the appropriate treatment for your wellbeing. Looking for a new doctor trained in hormone therapy? Give us a call, and we can refer a qualified, caring physician.


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