Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctor's prescription for a compounded medication?

Yes, you need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. We can recommend several local expert physicians here. We can also accept prescriptions from your current doctor. If necessary, your doctor may consult our Compounding Pharmacist to ensure your needs are met.

Will my insurance cover compounded medications?

Unfortunately we are unable to process insurance. However, we do our best to keep cash prices as low as possible!

Can my child (or my elderly parent) take compounded medication?

Yes, children and the elderly are often the types of patients who benefit most from compounding. Children may often have a tough time taking certain medications due to taste preferences. A compounding pharmacist can work directly with the physician and the patient to select a flavoring agent, such as strawberry or watermelon that provides both an appropriate match of the medication’s properties and the patient’s taste preferences.

Compounding pharmacists play a large role with helping patients who experience chronic pain. For example, some medications cause gastrointestinal side effects. Working with their physician, a compounding pharmacist can provide them with a topical preparation using the anti-inflammatory or analgesic their doctor has prescribed for them. Compounded prescriptions are also often used for pain management in hospice care.

Do you fill prescriptions for non-compounded drugs?

We keep a limited stock of certain non-compounded drugs. For our patients, we are happy to order non-compounded medications and they usually come into the pharmacy 1-2 business days after being ordered. 



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